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Today's dental industry is very competitive. Your Digital Dentist can help you identify opportunities within your market, and provide solutions to help protect and grow your practice.

Customized Approach to Fit Your Office & Market

PPC Management

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Mid-size markets can produce over 2,000 dental searches per month! If your practice cannot be found during these searches, these are nothing more than missed opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization

If your dental website does not appear on the first page of Google's search results, your practice is probably not growing.


Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are constantly ranking websites and content using a detailed set of criteria to best serve the user. Your Digital Dentist understands this evaluation and can make the necessary adjustments to improve your website's listing. 

Social Media Management

The most successful dental practices are those that stay engaged and connected with their patients and community.


Your Digital Dentist does the work for you by generating weekly posts and advertisements via social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These interactions may include service specials, industry-specific facts and articles, local event details, and other engaging topics as requested.

Custom Websites

Today people are completing online research before selecting their dentist. It is imperative dentists have a high quality, fresh-looking, well organized, and informative website to represent their business.

Your Digital Dentist has custom websites that make it easy for patients to stay in touch with their dental staff, find the office, and answer any questions.


Your Digital Dentist:

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Keys to Your Success

We Improve Your Digital Footprint

Six of the top ten sources patients use to find dentists are web based. The most influential online source being search engines, (e.g. like Google, etc. ), which are currently used by 55% of patients. (Source: What Dental Patients Want)

When a question or need arises, our phones are far and away our most trusted resource, with 96% of people using a smartphone to get things done.  

(Source: Think With Google, Sept 2016)

You Become 

Mobile Optimized


Reporting & Pricing

We charge a flat fee for our services. No hidden costs. No percentage taken. This means a clear and consistent pricing breakout. 

Our clients also receive detailed, custom reporting as requested. 

Your Digital Dentist

Our dental specific platform is designed to identify opportunities within your market, ultimately generating solutions to help protect and grow your practice.